Sabtu, Mei 21, 2011

The Key to a Happy Life

Tonight, there are many tasks that must be resolved. It seems there should be more hard work than yesterday. Learning to divide the time to create a disciplined person should say to do. Life is a struggle to smile. A smile that can break the ice problem in a day. Every problem can be resolved when our hearts to a positive feeling, coupled with positive thoughts.
Positive thinking and positive feeling is actually the key to finding the true meaning of life. The key to finding true happiness. God will always exist, we are getting to know God with it.

How to find a happy life?
How to feel happy all the time?
How to create opportunities for opportunities in our lives?
How to become a winner in every fight that we are experiencing?
How do we find God?
And how do we answer these questions?

Yesterday was a valuable lesson for today, and today is the gate of tomorrow to become a positive person. Just live it live it with a smile!

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4 komentar:

  1. nice post wank...really makes me want to focus to what i`m doing right now....


  2. Setuju dengan kamu. Kunci untuk hidup bahagia sebenarnya berasal dari kita sendiri dengan selalu berpikiran positif dan memaknai hidup dengan lebih bijaksana. Memang nggak mudah tapi harus kita coba sebisa mungkin

  3. Tks for your key to happy tips.
    And I agree with Coretan Hidup Said.
    Regards :)


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