Kamis, Januari 14, 2010

The power of togetherness

For this time, i will talk about my motto in Third of Exact 4. It's my class, and the motto is "The Power Of Togetherness". Actually, we have many reason, why my class use it!
It's a simple motto, but from that we can be a winner in PLIKP in SMAN 1 LILIRIAJA.

We are The Champion, we can give best for all.
Although, very many problem always arrive in this class. But, Wawank and all my friends in Exact 4 have a best Spirit, and the name of Spirit is "Khatulistiwa".
What the meaning of khatulistiwa?
In English, Khatulistiwa is Equator. And in my class Khatulistiwa is a Motivation.
Because, when problem arrive, we always Smile, and try to give best for all.

Conclusion, The Power Of Togetherness is a big Motivation and Spirit,for be a winner.
And then, i'm sorry to all visitor. I have many mistake, to make a this posting. I just want study!
Study, Study, dan Study?
Salam Khatulistiwa!

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